Winterize Your Vehicle in North Dakota

Lunde Auto Center Dealerships are the Ideal Place to Visit to Make Sure You Can Handle the Winter Ahead with Confidence

North Dakota winters are the stuff of legend, and it's not just your home that needs some attention in order to make it through the sub-zero temperatures without issue. At Lunde Auto Center, we're here to help Fargo and Grand Forks drivers get your vehicles ready for the cold and snowy months ahead so you can drive with confidence. Our service center in Fargo has what it takes to keep your vehicle healthy this winter, and it all starts with services that help prepare your vehicle for the cold temps and snow that are on the way. With service specials available to help you save, you can take proper care of your car without breaking the bank!

Oil and Filter Change

An oil and filter change is an important service at the best of times, but as we approach the bitter cold of a North Dakota winter it becomes even more critical. The incredibly low temperatures we see here make it difficult for oil to flow and properly protect your engine. These internal engine parts are particularly susceptible to physical damage and wear under these conditions, but having fresh oil in your engine can help things immensely. That's because old, dirty oil has an even harder time reaching the proper flow viscosity in extremely cold temperatures, meaning that it takes considerably longer to begin properly protecting your engine. Having your oil and filter changed before the cold weather strikes is a great way to give your engine the protection it deserve for those cold starts it will endure all winter long.

Snow Tires

When it's time to navigate the snowy roads of winter around Hillsboro, ND, it's important to have the right tires underneath you to handle these slippery conditions. Winter tires offer several benefits for cold weather driving that you won't get with summer or even "all-season" tires. For starters, the rubber compound is specifically designed to be more flexible at colder temperatures, giving you improved grip on cold roads over what you would get with another type of tire. This flexibility helps the tire grab the road when both accelerating and cornering, so you will feel more confident handling in colder weather. That said, the most important difference with winter tires are the specially designed treads that bite through snow to help keep you moving forward. Not only do the deep grooves and chunky blocks help cut through snow to give you more grip, but sipes in each tread block can even help give you added grip on ice.

Anti-Freeze Coolant

It is also important to ensure that you have the right coolant for your engine and the upcoming temperatures. Different coolants are rated for different temperatures, and you'll want to have a coolant that can withstand the sub-zero temperatures of a North Dakota winter to prevent your vehicle from overheating when the temperature drops. Should your coolant freeze, flow will stop and your engine will begin heating from the inside out until you begin to see the dash warnings that a problem has occurred. By this point though, there are likely internal engine parts that have already overheated for a few minutes, risking damage that will harm the long-term health of your vehicle.

Test Your Battery

Your battery has a lot of work to do to get your engine started when the temperature drops. Make sure it's up to the task by having your battery tested at our service center in Fargo, ND today!

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