An Expert Service Experience with Our Customer Amenities

When you choose to get your oil change or tire rotation done at service center, you can expect an experience like no other. Not only are our technicians highly-trained professionals, but our facilities are equipped to impress. Customers can access a host of complimentary offers when waiting for their vehicle to be ready.

Complimentary Offers

The waiting area at our dealership is outfitted with a host of comfortable furniture for you to wait in. We will have enough room for you, your loved ones, or any other customer that may be waiting at the same time. A comfortable place to sit is just the start of our offers.

We also stock our waiting area with free snacks and drinks. Our technicians will work fast and efficiently, but there is plenty to eat if this takes more time than you thought. There are also enough readings to keep everyone occupied. From the current paper to trendy magazines and more, anyone can find something for them here.

Thoughtful Amenities

  • Complimentary Wi-Fi 
  • Complimentary snacks & beverages 
  • Current newspaper and magazines 
  • Complimentary car wash with service 
  • Customer workspace 
  • Complimentary ride to anywhere in the F-M area

Making Your Ride Shine

Whether we are giving you a new set of tires or handling a more complicated repair, we know you want your vehicle to come out looking as good as new. That is why we also offer complimentary car washes. After our team finishes the job, your car or SUV will be cleaned so that you can leave our dealership in style. That is just one example of how we go the extra mile, offering services that other centers in the Grand Forks area will not.

Getting Your Work Done

Our customers are hard workers. When waiting for your car or SUV to be done, we can offer a comfortable and quite workspace. This is an area separate from other shoppers or team members so that you can focus on whatever task you need.

This workspace is also equipped with free Wi-Fi. You can use this with your phone, tablet, or computer, allowing you to stay connected while at our office. Simply ask one of our professionals if you need help connecting to this system.

A Ride to Where You're Going

We aim to get every job done in a timely manner. However, some Briarwood customers have a tight schedule that they need to keep. Whether that is family obligations or a nearby job, we want to help you stay on track.

That is why our service customers get a complimentary ride to anywhere in the F-M area. You can contact one of our technicians or professionals while your waiting to schedule this service. We can explain the parameters our shuttle offers during your visit.

Why Customers Work with Us

There are so many reasons that customer choose us at Lunde Auto Center in Fargo for their service and maintenance needs. The first is the team that works here. These are professional technicians with years of experience behind them. Whether you have a small job or a more intricate request, we will bring the same level of expertise to it. That ensures that we get every customer on the road in a vehicle they can trust.

Schedule Your Service Online Today

When you are looking for expert service and an enjoyable automotive experience, look no further than Lunde Auto Center near Moorhead. We will get your car or SUV fixed right, offer excellent amenities, and bring so much more to the table. That is just the quality you can expect from us.

To get your service appointment scheduled, utilize our online too or call one of our professionals. We are looking forward to working with you soon.

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