Lunde Auto Center Discusses Kia Reliability

Are Used Kia Vehicles Reliable?

The short answer is-Yes! When you purchase your used Kia automobile from Lunde Auto Center in Fargo, you know that you are getting quality on which you can depend. Our team of highly trained technicians thoroughly inspects every used vehicle that arrives on our lot to ensure you enjoy a safe and fun drive when you leave our lot on your way back to Hillsboro. As the number one brand in initial quality six-years in a row from J.D. Power, Kia automobiles give you the protection you need. Kia recently won the 2020 J.D. Power quality award, proving we built these vehicles to last.

Kia Reliability

The fact remains that you shorten the lifetime of a vehicle if you do not take the necessary precautionary steps. That is why it is doubly important to properly complete routine and scheduled maintenance on time, every time. Do not worry. Our expert technicians have the parts, tools, and expertise you need to keep your Kia running like the well-oiled machine that it is. Proudly serving Grand Forks and Moorhead residents, our Service Center should be your first stop for preventative and major car care.

Even if we disregard the routine care, which you should not do, but if you did-Kia's reliability remains unmatched. You do not need to take our word for it. As reviewed by, a third-party reviewer, Kia vehicles' reliability rating ranks third out of 32 other surveyed brands. Kia puts its money where its mouth is by offering one of the leading extended warranties on the market. With four Kia Extended Warranty plans to choose between, you will find the plan that works best for your lifestyle and your budget.

  • Kia Extended Warranty: Powertrain Plan
  • Kia Extended Warranty: Gold Plan
  • Kia Extended Warranty: Platinum Plan
  • Kia Extended Warranty: Platinum Plus Plan